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November 2016 BoD Minutes

  • 12/01/2016 5:12 PM
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    November 16, 2016 SVB Board Meeting

    Held at Dan Metzger and John Stewarts’

    Board Members in attendance

    Dan Metzger, Andy Wasserman, Chris Hoff and Alvin Prasad

    SVB members in attendance

    David Abler, John Lytle and Julian Rey Ortega

    Meeting Called to Order at 7:12 pm.

    1. Presidents Report

    1. Bylaws – To be handled by the 2017 Board since it is so close to

    the end of the year.

    1. Global Winter Wonderland – weekday trip to be hosted by SVB.

    Andy will post for 11/22, on


    1. Elections – Text from Paul Brown, Secretary, read, stating that he

    thinks we should mail ballots to Frank & Tom, Bill

    Theobold & Stone, since they do not live in Sacramento.

    The others should have to come to the General Meeting

    to vote.

    • Motion made, seconded and voted on to stay with the decision from the 11/2 General Meeting to mail out ballots to all members. Motion passed unanimously.

    1. Treasurer Report

    1. Income/Expense report on separate sheet.

    2. Andy motioned to use the funds from the Suzie Burger fundraiser

    as seed funds for the Scholarship fund, and to put it into a savings

    account for now, that will not cost the SVB anything. This way it

    will not get mixed with the General Funds, and can be moved into an interest earning account at a later time.

    Dan seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

    1. Vice President Report

    1. November and December events and dates were read.

    2. Thanksgiving Dinner discussion

    1. Paul, David and Dan will cook turkeys & carve at home.

    2. David suggested we bring extra tables and chairs.

    3. It was also suggested that our Facebook events should link to our Website.

    4. Andy will get water.

    5. Julian will bring ice.

    6. Chris will take care of soda.

    7. Alvin will get items from the storage unit, paper goods, plastic ware, cups,

    the table and decorations.

    1. Round Robin

    1. Julian stated that a member, Shawn, had offered his place for a New Years’ Eve party. Motion was made, seconded by Dan and motion was passed unanimously. Julian will give Dan Shawn’s contact information.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:31 pm.


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