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July 2016 Minutes (draft)

  • 07/21/2016 9:06 AM
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    Sacramento Valley Bears, Inc.

    Board of Directors Meeting – July 20, 2016

    In attendance: Paul Brown, Dan Metzger, David Abler, Neil Galimba, RJ Manguera, Rob Williams, Andy Wasserman, Alvin Prasad

    Call to order – 19:21 by Alvin.

    Member Petitions:

    [Secretary note: typically this section comes during new business, but because Neil couldn't stay for the whole meeting, we moved it up front.]

    Brunch proposal from Neil G:

    The Waffle Experience in Natomas, he brought menus. Next door to the Coca-cola factory on National Drive. Avg price $13-14.  Dan to look into this as August Bearrunch venue.

    Event proposal from Neil G:

    Sac Drive-in on Saturday, July 30 at 7:30pm. No Pets, no BBQ.

    Discussion about how to set boundaries for pool parties...

    • liability sheet

    • designated photographer at pool parties

    • photography ban when designated photographer

    Motion by Paul Brown: board directs secretary to come with draft language for pool party liability and responsibility sheet for participants. Also, deadline of 7 dates from today (27 July 2016). Second DM.

    Ayes – 4, Noes – 0, Abstain – 0 motion passes.

    Motion by Paul Brown: bear drive in movie event 30 July 2016 at 7:30pm. Movie TBD. Second DM,

    Ayes – 4, Noes – 0, Abstains – 0, Motion passes.

    Officer Reports:


    Meet-n-Greet: Holliday Villa

    PP: Aug 13, Myk Ciapusci

    BNO: Spice of Life 19 August

    Brunch: Waffle Experience Natomas

    Board Meeting: Dan and John's

    Check the website for dates/times.


    143 Members. 
    Our strategy of using the club website to publish events in order to gather contacts is working.

    Website Update

    New sign-up form on home page for eBlast.
    New Board and member discussion forums are live.


    Treasurer's report included by reference to google drive document.

    Motion: reimburse Andy for the cake $19.00 for Thom and Frank's going away party by Paul Brown, Second ND.

    Ayes, 3, Noes -0, Abstain – 1 (AW)  Motion passes

    Motion by DM reimburse Andy $14.00 for decorations. Seconded ND

    Ayes, 3, Noes – 0, Abstain – 1 (AW)  Motion passes


    Urges more preparation for pool parties and other large events in order to be less rushed on event days.

    New Business


    Board members were tasked with brainstorming fundraising ideas they would be willing to lead.

    Alvin: Drag Queen Bingo – Talked to Rainbow Chamber, will fill application.

    Dan: Movie night? 60s Mixer (60's themed cocktail party)

    Dave: spaghetti feed. Pancake feed.

    Paul: chili cook off, Kenny has already agreed.

    Ice cream social

    “st. baldrick's”

    Tea dance. At Warehouse 35

    Andy: Bagel party

    Neal: No specific fundraising idea, but encourages the board to involve more volunteers for our events.

    Other New Business

    Dan; last pool party, host would like a bit more grill cleaning... Dan will investigate this weekend.

    Meeting adjourned at 21:35


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